Creating a Wine Cellar to suit Brisbane conditions

For those who appreciate a glass of wine like we all do, having the right storage makes perfect sense but in Brisbane that can be tricky considering our sub-tropical weather. A wine cellar will provide you with a place to organize your favourite bottles for easy access and be organized so you’re not grabbing that […]

Exploring Australia’s Wine Regions Part 2 – Western Australia

Today we’ll be continuing our grand tour of Australia’s wine regions, this time Western Australia – Australia’s largest state, a place best known for beautiful landscapes and white-sand beaches, but more recently for the fantastic wine coming from it’s cooler south-western tip.  It may still only produce 5% of the country’s wine, but the quality […]

Exploring Australia’s Wine Regions Part 1 – South Australia

Whilst we’ve got an appreciation for wines from all over the world, it must be said that we’re also proudly Australian and we have a tendency to shout from the rooftops about the amazing wines that our produced on this great land. In honour of our Aussie pastures, we’ll be taking you on a trip […]

Q&A with Chris Coulter of Coulter Wines

If you’ve been keeping up to date with our latest wine recommendations, you may have noticed a particular brand cropping up recently, Coulter Wines.  The brainchild of Chris Coulter, this Adelaide Hills-based vintner has been causing a stir on the modern Australian wine scene with their small batch, minimal intervention wines.  So good, in fact, […]

6 Modern Australian Wines You Must Try

There’s a vast landscape of tipples out there and choosing a bottle you’re confident will satisfy your tastebuds, match your dinner menu or deliver you maximum bang for your buck can be a complicated undertaking. At Baedeker, we’re all about making wine appreciation easy, which is why we’ve compiled our current absolute favourite modern Australian […]

Baedeker Wine. Wine not?

Bringing to life a hidden wine mecca is thirsty work! We were nearing the completion of our eclectic space; having just curated the last few antiquities that were to call our rotating bookcase home, and stocked the last nooks of our stone-floored, brick-walled wine cellar with the best national and international wines we could get […]

Brisbane’s finest wine collection

Now our doors are reopen, we thought we’d share some little known facts about our humble, cosy wine bar.  It’s no secret the wine bar revolution has hit its peak in Australia, so what makes us stand out from the crowd? Well, aside from our beautiful venue (recently voted number one), it’s got to be […]

How long should you keep a red wine in a cellar?

You might have noticed us talking a lot recently about our unique, rustic event space, the Cellar – a prohibition inspired wine cellar hideaway, concealed behind a rotating bookcase.  The space is filled with antiquities and a beautiful 5m single length, Australian wood table making it the perfect place for food and wine pairings in […]